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Insight: AXE Provoke with its new campaign, so tempting, even angels will fall, wanted to engage with the male teenagers. This target audience is a group notorious for short attention spans and a preoccupation with fantasies of beautiful women. The opportunity was taking a gadget they cannot live without, their iPhone, and turning it into a magical game which brings them closer to their dream girl.

Strategy & Idea: Our strategy was to link AXE Provoke with the fantasy of being surrounded by beautiful women, and then transform the fantasy into reality.

We developed an iPhone App – Get the Angel - that allowed users to track virtual angels on an ‘Angel Trail’, which ran through teen-oriented magazines, TV shows and websites. The game was simple - track the angels using your iPhone and be rewarded with unique Angel content and the chance to attend one of the most exclusive parties.

Creative Execution: The launch included forum seeding, in-store, online display and street teams to encourage AXE Get the Angel application download. Once installed, users checked for angels in their area. The location-based system allowed users to scour Bangkok locations. Once found, user clicked on the AXE Provoke button to virtually ‘spray’ and an angel descends from heaven into the iPhone. Every angel unlocked access to exclusive angel galleries and video clips. The more they played, the more features were revealed, including an angel video alarm clock.Every time an angel was caught, an automatic photo and location linked to their Facebook Wall. Collaborating with your friends meant angel troops visited your location!Fifty ‘Angel Troops’ distributed samples.Mobile augmented reality truck allowed teens to ‘play’ with virtual angels.

The first live cinema ad in Thailand had real angels appearing after the TVC played. Thailand’s got Talent featured angels cheering from the audience!Results:•Axe Provoke’s market increased 165%•Axe brand’s market share increased 23%•The campaign generated of 50 million impressions•254,756 ‘Angel Trails’ shared on Facebook•12,375 loaded the iPhone App•Angel Troops visited 60 locations, giving 350,000 samples•Viral clips gained over 1,200,000 views on Axe Thailand Youtube •1 Angels ‘caught’ every second

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