Cannes Lions

Backbone of Britain

FORD, Brentwood / FORD / 2019







The world knows Britain is in political crisis. A country divided by political opinion and indecision. Brexit has stalled so many times, but UK businesses and workers never have. Throughout the turmoil they have continued to get on with their work and kept the nation going. While politicians are debating how to run the country the workforce of Britain are already doing it. This film celebrates their industrial spirit, the work they do, and the vehicles they rely on to get the job done. A united force driving the country forward, the only way they know how.


Mark (director) and Mattias (DOP) set out to create a different type of car ad. Something raw, epic with breathtakingly cinematic imagery. A film that portrays Ford as part of Britain’s working psyche and industrious spirit.

Every shot not choreographed or rehearsed but spontaneous and dramatic with the camera right in the thick of the action. Its tactile and immersive with a sense of rhythm and momentum, the feeling of everyone working together.

Their modern, contemporary style has given the film an edge in a sector full of cliche front 3/4 shots. A breath of fresh air for all of us.

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