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TALENT, Sao Paulo / SANTANDER / 2010

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ABN Amro Bank was a strong and successful brand in Brazil when it was acquired by Santander.

The merger of the 2 banks brought along the fear that clients of ABN Amro would lose the identification with the bank and there would be loss of clients.

That is why in the merger of the bank the theme 'Together' was created. More than a campaign, Together is a proposal for society. An idea that together people, companies, organisations, and the bank could do much more.

But to show the reach of the theme, a unique way to broadcast the ads created was conceived. The idea was that the campaign broadcast itself would show the meaning of the concept 'Together'.


Our campaign was a combination of unique, integrated actions which, in 15 days, were able to translate and demonstrate the idea of getting together.•Simultaneous 60-second TV break, aired by all TV networks and major cable channels.• On March 16, subscribers of the two most important Brazilian newspapers received both titles, sponsored by Santander. A front-cover insert ad carried our message.• A live radio transmission where two well-known journalists talked about the importance of “getting together”.• Subscribers of the most important editorial company in Brazil received complimentary magazines, combining titles of different areas of interest: career and wellbeing, home and travel, home and business.It was a breakthrough action, created and developed by us, which brought not only a real comprehension of the brand’s goal but also great media return.


Results were amazing. Our campaign captured hearts and minds all over. Spontaneous media return was huge, spreading the campaign impact to a much wider target group and definitely turning it unforgettable.Santander’s Twitter reached Topic Trending: the 10th most commented word among São Paulo users, impacting more than 100,000 people.Specialised and non-specialised media vehicles enhanced the relevance, creativity and quality of this action.

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