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> Situation: Indonesian developed new health and hygiene habit during new normal by better dietary choices and supplementation to boost immunity. It shown by the increase of vitamin sales value up to 82 % in 2020 yet all vitamins brand communicated the same USP.

> Brief & Objective:

To GET competitor's users

To CHOOSE & SWITCH to Redoxon

By reinforcing Redoxon as the trusted partner offering the most effective immunity


Redoxon initiated #CesBeforeCus Tiktok Hashtag Challenge as TikTok is the most relevant channel with high reach and biggest engagement platform in Indonesia for Redoxon audience.

What is #CesBeforeCus?

"Ces" is a sound expression when Redoxon tablet's diluted in a glass of water

"Cus" is a popular Indonesian slang that means "Let's Go"

This activity driven to Shopee as conversion funnel to provide affordable immunity protection to face the new normal situation through Bayer Super Brand on Shopee.

This is done by understanding the struggle and worry of hat they’re not giving themselves enough protection while they need to restart normal activities. Redoxon with Triple Action formula (Vit C, D, Zinc) to the rescue on boosting the immunity by fulfilling micronutrients needs in the form of effervescent drinks that is fun and easy to absorb. We encourage Indonesian to consume right before doing activities outside their home during the new normal.


> Data Gathering: Joint Marketing & Commercial data learning from Media and Shopee Dashboard to understand learning from a previous campaign based on each Catch (Awareness), Connect (Engagement) & Convert Funnel to drive higher visit, basket size & Conversion Rate.

> Target Audience: Custom Audience based on Redoxon TA active M/F age 18-24 with health interest, lifestyle sport, lookalike and remarketing

> Relevance to platform and approach: Integrate channel marketing and commercial integration through 4Ps.

a. Product: Launch exclusive Shopee only SKU - New Normal Kit that partnered with Lock&Lock and Masker Untuk Indonesia to support New Normal habit

b. Place: 1 day take over of Shopee App & Web using Bayer Consumer Health interface

c. Promotion: Exclusive gift related to New Normal, Free Delivery & gamification

d. People: Hourly performance marketing optimization using custom audience targeting and influencer marketing.


> Implementation: Launch Redoxon #CesBeforeCus utilizing TikTok as main Awareness & Engagement channel, Redoxon: 1st health care brand launched TikTok Hashtag Challenge, bringing engagement and education of self-protection during New Normal to Indonesian youngster in fun and interactive way that has driven to conversion on Bayer - Shopee Super Brand Day for affordable health supplement where we crated exclusive New Normal SKU and partner with other brands to drive New Normal habit. This is done with hourly optimization on media across in & out Shopee platform to drive higher Conversion rate.

> Timeline: Sep 12th-Oct 31st, 2020

> Placement: TikTok, IG, YT, GDN RDA, KOL, Shopee in & out platform channel

> Scale: #1 Health Brand do TikTok Challenge in Indonesia and take over Shopee interface using Bayer across Shopee touchpoints in & out platform


> Reach: 2.7 BILLION Views, Highest in ASEAN for Health Care Category to date. 89% Cumulative reach & 40% unique reach

> Engagement: 1.1 MILLION UGC = 3x higher country benchmark, 402K unique creators = 2x higher country benchmark

> Sales: #1 Most Sold Vitamin C on Shopee, 1 Month Sales in 1 Day with double CR at 10% and 4.9 Rating and Review from 150K reviewers during Bayer Shopee Super Brand Day

> Against Business Target: 200% GMV Achievement

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