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DDB & TRIBAL AMSTERDAM, Amsterdam / KLM / 2013


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KLM has proven itself as a leading social brand integrating Facebook and Twitter into their everyday customer service as well as their campaigns. With the new and unique KLM service, Meet & Seat, you can even choose the person you want to sit next to based on their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Based on the insight ‘We all dream of having a chat with a person who inspires us’, we developed BE MY GUEST. In this campaign internet users could have a ‘virtual chat’ with one of six Dutch icons (all big in different fields of interest) that matched their personal interests, and possibly win a flight sitting next to their favourite icon that best matched their personal interests.

To drive traffic to the campaign site, we made 3 interest-specific edits of a seeding video (music, football, and fashion). The interest targeted approach was very successful: music blogs and musicians vigorously shared the music edit. Football and fashion media picked up the other edits almost just as well.

This resulted in over 11 million views the no. 1 most viewed airline on YouTube, and participants stayed on the campaign site for 3.2 minutes on average. Research showed awareness of KLM’s Meet & Seat service has increased by 7% on average in all countries, and by over 35% in the US! The likelihood to fly KLM in the future increased 31% on average in all markets.


The campaign ran from the 23nd of May up until the 5th of July. As planned we monitored the response in the different fields of interest we covered with the campaign. As planned we decided to put the most emphasis on the most popular fields of interest (football, music and fashion) soon after the kick-off, based on this monitoring,. When the Be My Guest website became Awwward and FWA Site of the Day, we grabbed both opportunities to create an extra boost of buzz around the campaign.


The targeted approach based on personal interest was very successful, resulting in over 11m views and the no. 1 most viewed airline on YouTube. Participants stayed on the campaign site for an average of 3.2 minutes. Research shows that 54.5% of the respondents have an improved image of KLM (from 21.2% in the Dutch home market to 85.4% in Russia). The likelihood of flying with KLM in the future (brand preference) increased 31% on average in all markets. Awareness of KLM’s Meet & Seat has increased by 7% on average in all countries, and in the US even over 35%!

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