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The idea was to use someone with a more scandalous, completely unreal story. Fab Morvan was the natural fit. After his lip-syncing scandal with Milli Vanilli, he became known as the music world's biggest faker. His story became infamous.

This is much more entertaining than someone who's too real to be true. We told the story of how he went from fake to real.

But the hook at the heart of it all was that we let the world hear the answer to what they have been left wondering for years - can Fab Morvan sing for real? We would all finally hear his 100% real voice.


Online and in social media, the short film broke the story of Fab finally singing for real. On the back of the ensuing publicity we then tied the campaign together across radio, TV and social with executions that showcased the heart of idea - Fab singing (about KFC's 100% real chicken) for real. The campaign ran across most above the line media, but also picked up significant PR coverage, spreading the story even further.


PR around the resurgence of the scandalous story helped gain reach for the campaign message and KFC - and Fab. 40 million free media impressions and a twitter trending topic helped, too. He was the subject of a feature spread in Esquire, invited to prominent chat shows and radio shows, and now even has a Hollywood movie in production. Sales also took a turn for the better: in a declining fast food market, KFC saw a rise 6.2% in the campaign period.

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