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Be There TV Campaign of Executions

ABBVIE, Mettawa / ABBVIE / 2019

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People who think they’re managing their uncontrolled moderate to severe Crohn’s disease. Who have resigned to living with the physical and emotional burdens of their disease. Whose conventional treatments have failed. We revealed how their disease not only impacts them—but also the people they love.


“Be There: Almost Famous” goes beyond the individual experience. It’s more than a patient story. It’s a testament to the impact Crohn’s disease has not just on the sufferer, but on their loved ones, too.

We follow a young singer as she bears the burden of her disease while touring with her band. She struggles to get through a recording session. Clutches her stomach in pain. Rushes to the bathroom. She avoids certain foods and worries she’s letting her bandmates down.

The stakes get even higher when the band is on stage waiting to kick off their big tour. Our hero is missing and we’re wondering if she’ll make it. In a moment of surprise, she walks on, ready to perform. She’s able to be there for her band because HUMIRA helped keep her symptoms at bay.

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