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ANTWERPES, Cologne / BIOGEN / 2014

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This app is not part of a campaign, it is a specific after sales tool, which will mainly be promoted to patients and participants of a multiple sclerosis web forum which is maintained by Biogen Idec. The app should bind customers and give them service and support for their daily life.


After client approval of the purely creative rough concept, the technically creative fine concept was designed within four weeks following intensive cooperation between the units involved. Besides the overarching medical check of the concept, high-performance technologies had to be investigated, user flows checked and data protection concepts discussed and visualised in order to ultimately mould everything into an appealing and user-friendly navigation concept. The intensive design process ended with the creation of wireframes, which were developed into final designs within a further three weeks using an initial click dummy in conjunction with agile consultations between the project management team, development department and design unit.

By incorporating an intelligent gamification concept, the user is motivated to take more exercise, irrespective of their current ability. This directly complements the brand idea behind the product, because it is concomitant therapy for MS patients, which is specifically prescribed to improve mobility.


Google Play Store: 400 Downloads so far (average rating 4.5 out of 5 stars)

Apple App Store: 460 Downloads so far

Total: 860 Downloads

The self-tracking helps the patient to keep a constant overview of their health and encourages communication with the doctor attending to them.

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