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VMLY&R, Dubai / HAAGEN DAZS / 2019

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8 out of 10 men avoid having ice creams publicly because it can leave them a messy beard. Not to mention the social embarrassment. Therefore men always have to suppress their love for ice creams, while others around them relish every bite of it cheerfully.

Haagen Dazs wanted to tap into the bearded men market and reunite them with ice creams.

The objective was to enable them to enjoy ice creams just as much as others do.


As beards were getting in the way of ice creams, we created Beard Bibs, a simple tool to protect facial hair when having ice creams. Each beard bib came as a part of a poster in-store which men could tear from, put it on and indulge in their favourite ice cream. Because nothing should come between a man and his ice cream.


Haagen Dazs is a brand dedicated to giving extraordinary moments to everyone. So why should men with beards get left out. They deserve the joy of ice creams, just as much as everybody else does. But at the same time we understood why they love their beard. History shows how men have proudly sported beards, groomed and maintained them for centuries. Our approach was to create a solution so that they don't have to sacrifice either of the two, beard or the ice cream.


We studied beard history and designed 6 different beard bibs, depicting beard grooming tales from different cultures and eras, such as Cavemen, Confucius, Pharaoh, Assyrian, Viking and Sadhu. Each bib came as a part of posters in-store, which men could tear and put on easily. We launched the Beard Bibs in stores across UAE along with Haagen Dazs Kiosks in malls and parks. These unique posters attracted men passing by and gave them a reason to put on the bib and have their favourite ice cream.


Our objective was to give men with beards the true joy of ice creams. Not only we gave them a solution with Beard Bibs, we also made everyone excited to get their hands on one. While men were trying on the Bibs, several others came in to participate in the fun. Women, kids and even old people playfully used Beard Bibs at our stores and left no opportunity to post online, snap or Instagram, and of course take one home. This is how a simple brand experience grew resulting in an increase in footfall by 11%, showing everyone that nothing comes between a human and his ice cream.

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