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Data says more about us than we like to think. To connect with our audience, we devised an experience capable of creating an entirely new and unique music track in real time based on the analysis of people's Spotify data and their heart rate.

First, through Spotify Connect we analyzed the users' listening history, parsing every single song they've ever listened and profiling his unique musical taste. Leveraging the platform's analysis of its 35 million tracks catalog.

Then, we added the rhythm. Choosing a natural and one-off beat, the user's own heartbeat. Using Eulerian Motion Magnification to read their pulse straight from the face.

Beat Machine's algorithm processed all this data in real time and mixed a tailor-made music library composing a unique song from scratch every time.


We used Spotify Connect to access the users' listening history data taking advantage of the platform's proprietary analysis of its 35+ million songs catalog to create a precise profile of each user's music preferences.

During the experience, our algorithm processed all the data in real time and created a custom music track mixing a tailor-made library of more than 100 thousand samples we previously recorded specifically for this experience.

The resulting track was played through the car's audio system and could be shared in social media. The user also received a playlist curated to their musical taste we profiled.

We took this experience on tour all around the country with stops in the main 15 cities during 3 months and local dealers amplified the experience.


Creating a personalized experience for the audience proved to be succesful to catch their interest and increase engagement, making them spend an average of 4.5 minutes in the experience. Over 52.000 tracks were created and sales expectations were surpassed by 200%.

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