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OGILVY BRASIL, Sao Paulo / IBCC / 2016

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Celebrities have been featuring the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaigns since the beginning. So, if we wanted to provoke Brazilians everywhere, why not start with celebrities?

We created an experiment. First they were invited for a usual photo shoot. Once they arrived, they met the photographer Meeran Vargens and started taking pictures. But then the photographer started an interview. During which, she made a startling revelation: she was a breast cancer survivor herself, and got her breast removed after a mastectomy. And she also took off her t-shirt, showing her scars. That completely changed the celebrities’ attitude. After that, they were invited for a second photo shoot. And the result was powerful. These second pictures became our print campaign and the video of the experiment went online, showing what is truly behind each one of our t-shirts.


The experiment with celebrities was filmed and launched simultaneously in IBCC’s social media and at Brazil’s most popular Sunday TV show, called “Fantástico”. On the show, they showed the full 6-minute version, sparking a conversation in Brazil immediately. The powerful experiment also appeared at several TV outlets, getting even presenters to cry on national TV.

Famous social media channels and bloggers also posted the video, igniting even more comments and reactions from women online. The magazine ads that showed the celebrities reaction to the experiment directed people to IBCC’s website, where they could watch the full video.

A repercussion that was translated into a new attitude of Brazilian women - and also men - in the fight against breast cancer. Once again, they felt the need to support this battle.


The results surpassed our expectations. More than 50 million people watched the video of the experiment, either online or on one of the TV shows that aired it in the full.

And, more importantly, there was a change in attitude among Brazilians. They saw the importance of getting involved. Because of that, the t-shirts sale soared. There was a 200% increase in T-shirts being sold. Before the campaign, the average number of t-shirts sold each month was around 4.000. In the following month of the launch, the number was over 13.000. That resulted in new advances in the hospital’s technological park, increasing the number of women treated daily and diminishing the wait for a diagnostic.

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