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Belargus, new wines between earth and sky

BE DANDY, Paris / BELARGUS / 2021

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Belargus is essentially a wine lover's dream come true.

Ivan Massonat, Founder of Domaine Belargus, wanted to create a great domain of white wines in Anjou, a region that is not well-known for the quality of its wines.

At the origin of the project: the vision of a wine enthusiast, determined to restore the prestige of a thousand-year-old vineyard, in the heart of Anjou. Built stone by stone by Ivan Massonnat, the twenty-four hectares are 100% worked with one tool, the Chenin Blanc, to explore the micro-terroirs of Anjou Noir in a single-plot approach inspired by the climats of Burgundy.

This mosaic of terroirs is expressed through a collection of 12 single-plot cuvées.


To express its singular biodynamic and botanical approach, the idea was to miniaturize nature into each bottle. Then you can taste to nature into a glass.

We turned the vineyard into a hub of life. Each wine reveals the facets of a parcel of land with its own flavour, from its rugged rocks to its teeming wildlife.

Freed from the concept of the vintage which dominates all great wines, the Belargus identity embodies all the riches of the vineyard. The label lists the natural features of each plot: surface area, gradient, orientation, flora and fauna. Each of nature's feature becomes an ingredient displayed on the facing. From the botanical label to the sunny bottle cap through the butterfly’s wings, the nature of Anjou flourishes freely.

The audience is international, for all amateurs of good wines.


The names are set in Majestic typography with Greco-Roman accents, reminiscent of the sparse, ancient hillsides where the vines grow.

Inspired by old bottles from Anjou, whose popular wines are achieving the nobility of great wines thanks to Belargus, the bottle designed is unique in the world.

Moulded in glass, the monogram hallmark is an immutable mark, anchored in time and the earth. Its round and symetrical forms borrow a timeless air from the butterfly and the arabesque of the vines or old ironwork.

A lively and modern touch, the orange wax on the bottle cap is reminiscent of the spots on the Belargus butterfly’s wings as well as the terroirs scattered within the Anjou Noir. As a border for the dry wines or on the whole cap for the sweet wines, it adds a bright and immediately recognisable touch.


A gain of value

The former owners were selling their wine from those parcels around 6 and 40 euros. Today, the founder of Domaine Belargus sell the wines between 30 and 160 euros. Launched during covid, he succeed in selling all its 10 000 bottles.

A success beyond the frontiers

Every newspaper are taliing about this wine asa never-seen success in Anjou. Even the Financial times wrote a paper on it (, The Wine Spectator decided gave the best notes for

A new visage for all the Anjou

THe founder of Domaine Belargus organized "La Paulée de l'Anjou" witha growing numbers of attendees, in September 2020 to chanhe the perception of all the region