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CARAT, London / ASOS / 2013

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By merging media and sales data we were able to optimise the sales that each of the videos was generating across different platforms and for different products in real time. Once users had watched a specific video we were able to test and re-target them with relevant promotional messaging through cost-effective ad networks across mobile and fixed internet.

While Spotify, YouTube and Twitter solutions were driving huge numbers of video views, the unsung heroes of ROI optimisation were the not so trendy ad networks and small and misunderstood formats like Facebook’s micro-targeted ASUs.


The campaign drove more than £5m worth of sales in the US and UK. The UK registered its highest ROI to date (4.44) and US ASOS searches increased by more than 50% during the campaign period.

The #bestnightever campaign produced the strongest ASOS sales quarter in 2012– a 42% global growth in sales. This included a 34% growth in ASOS’s native UK, but also an astonishing 57% growth in US, their second biggest market and target for future business growth.

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