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Bibi, each step matters.

PMWEB, Porto Alegre / CALCADOS BIBI / 2016

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Case Film






Bibi is a multi-channel company that understands that the customer relationship belongs to the brand, not to the channel. This way, Bibi needed to find a technology and a strategic partner to allow the centralization of its behavioral data and automatize a program for a one-to-one relationship with scale. In 2014, Bibi startet their data driven strategy by contracting Oracle Responsys, an world-class cross-channel campaign platform, and Pmweb, who guides the strategy and executed data’s integration. It consists in capture data from many sources, organize and transform it in actionable information about customers’ lifecycle and journey. From the first purchase, client goes into Bibi’s predictive data mining strategy and starts to receive individualized email marketing campaigns that creates a warm dialog. Children's feet grow. Then it’s logical that there is a need of repurchase. To be there when that time arrives, Bibi and Pmweb designed an automatic relationship rule based on a predictive feet growing algorithm. It indicates, at the right moment, the perfect option for the little one, based on last order, number, age, gender, color and style. This communication also delivers the option to buy in ecommerce or at the closest store (respecting the original client’s purchase channel).


The first step of the project was to map all possible data sources to identify each possibility of data crunch and automation. The main data sources available were: - Bibi's ERP: saves records of all sales from all channels (including own stores and third-party stores) - Bibi's ecommerce platform: stores all web behavior, including purchase, browsing and historic data - Bibi's Online Product Catalog: stores all the product characteristics, including stock availability, style, color, size, gender among others With those data assets it was possible to create an algorithm that generates an individualized recommendation program based on the average time frame for a children to grow their feet considering age, style, color and gender. Also, based on the past purchase behavior from all channels is possible to generate three co-related products to the child’s new foot size that matches all their characteristics.


With this data driven targeting strategy, Bibi has improved its retention and repurchase strategies by being closer of parents without necessarily interfering in other distribution channels, as franchises and multi-brand stores.

The data driven project also has increased Bibi’s ecommerce sales by 70%, its sales network of stores by 19%, its global sales by 5%.

Progressively, Bibi has decreasing its investments in mass media. So far, the reducing in that kind of media is 64%. The company is, now, focusing on technology and retention.