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Bigger than a Scar

CHEIL BRASIL, Sao Paulo / FEMAMA / 2016

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The women we interviewed, says that the presence of the Pink Ribbon is indifferent to them. It’s vague, and do not represent their struggle. Besides that, the great majority of the breast cancer campaign uses models that never had cancer. To break that taboo we designed a campaign especially to those women, from the logo to the models. We start redesigning the logo. We wanted them to feel like we were talking straight to them, and something they would feel proud to carry. So we designed a Pink Scar.

Besides that, we invited women who been thru the surgery to be the heroines of our campaign and a role model to the 57000 other women who goes thru mastectomy every year in Brazil.


On October 5th we launched the digital platform to present our new logo, the Pink Scar, our models and to raise discussion on the subject.

We got the partnership with Palmeiras, but how could we show that having their main symbol removed and replaced by a scar cannot take away someone’s identity?

Simple math, we asked Palmeiras to remove it’s main symbol from the chest, the badge, and replace by a Pink Scar. There were 30.000 people on the stadium that day and 10 million watched at home. There was massive coverage of the press. After that we invited brands to do the same. Replace their logos from, sunglasses, shirts, packages, social network.

We also encouraged people to support those women replacing their identity on networks (the profile picture) by our Pink scar.


What started as an awareness campaign, reached much more than expected.

Within just 20 days and US$0 of budget, more than 40 brands joined in, converting part of the money raised from the sale of the merchandising in donations to Femama.

500% increase of money donation raised compared to the previous years

Thousands of people replaced their profile picture on Facebook by the Pink Scar.

They earned more than 10 million dollars on media.

100 million impressions on the internet.

The response from the women was so good, that Femama decided to use the Pink Scar as the official symbol for the Pink October for the years to come.

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