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At least one in eight birds are on the verge of extinction. WWF develops long-term programs to save rare birds that require ongoing funding. But charity in Russia is still in its infancy, ecological problems not in top-of-mind. We had to come up with a solution for providing sustainable flow of donations and raising awareness of the issue of bird extinction.


To create a sustainable revenue stream WWF, Yandex.Music and Universal music transferred the streaming model to the charity. We turned birdsongs of endangered species into music samples and made them available to artists for free, on condition that all proceeds go to fund bird protection. It became the basis for our record label Birds Records.


Our financial model borrowed from the musical streaming totally changed the fund-rising experience for charity. We managed to ensure the constant flow of funds to WWF irrespective of which ecological problem currently takes the attention of media and society. Moreover, saving numerous species of birds from extinction did not require any behavioural change from people. They just have to continue doing what they love to do – listen to the music.


Thanks to the Birds Protection Union we recorded the birdsongs of endangered species and made music samples out of them. Their available for free on condition that all the money earned from tracks streaming went to the WWF for birds protection.

We launched Birds Records with the track “Dich” that features the voices of endangered bird species. Their song is about people who don’t realize that their behavior leads indirectly to bird extinction. Music Video is an illustration of human activities that influence the extinction of rare birds. 9 stories in different styles created by 20 artists resonate with the audience more through the lens of visual style.

“Dich” burst into the charts and went viral on YouTube made Birds Records the most discussed topic in the press and on social media.

Streaming "Dich" and other label singles is collecting money for WWF birds' protection.


- One of the most successful campaigns in WWF Russia history

- 2 mln contacts of organic PR coverage

- 1.4 million views on YouTube

- Almost 1 mln of listening on the streaming platform, by 23% more than the single «Ich weiß es nicht» of Till Lindemann from “Rammstein”

- +73% WWF website traffic increase

- 1 mln rubles donation flow, by 65% more than the previous successful birds’ project. The money collected at the launch stage was used for restoring the habitat of the Far Eastern storks.

We changed the donation model, making it as simple as clicking the “play”. Our solution provided WWF with a stable flow of money to protect birds while people listen to music. Such positive experience opens new prospects for charity globally.

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Birds Records


Birds Records


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