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Black Badge

AKQA, London / ROLLS-ROYCE / 2016

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An immersive Rolls-Royce Black Badge video experience, created to be shared with prospective buyers by dealers. We brought the story of Black Badge to life with a striking 90 second film and immersive experience that allows the prospect to ‘look into the shadows' and discover Black Badge in a way that puts them in control. The interactive video experience plays seamlessly across every piece of glass, including iOS – a significant technical achievement.

On the website, we created a branded page that is distinctively different from the rest of the site, and reveals the story of the brand as you swipe down.

On social channels, we took an equally bold approach – no teasers, just an unapologetic, uncensored and bold reveal on the day of launch.


The motor cars were launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, first revealed to a selected group at a closed door event on 1st March, and then to the public two days later. The brand campaign launched on 1st March also, and will be live indefinitely.

The Black Badge campaign comprises many elements:

90 second brand film - online, WDC and Geneva Motor Show  

Online Dealer Marketing (eDM) – prospective buyer experience (uses HTML, CSS, Java script)

Website - .com footprint (on AEM6), along with dealer websites

Social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Google+ and LinkedIn

Black Badge was launched socially with a bold, cross-channel, multi-post reveal:

Three rows on Instagram, and three posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, allowed people to experience the texture, depth and soul of the new models.

As well as live Tweeting from the Geneva Motor Show reveal.


It is too soon to establish the full impact of the immersive, prospective owner eDM experience, but across the .com platform and social, initial statistics are impressive:

• Lead generation rate on .com doubled in Black Badge launch week

• 368 leads generated in Black Badge launch week (more than twice as many as their closest comparative launch)

• +1,700% increase in leads generated from social traffic in launch week

• 80,000 campaign film views in launch week

• 41,000 brand mentions on social in launch week (+54% increase on previous week)

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