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Black Friday is the only day of the year when people prefer TVs, Smartphones or Game Consoles instead of our delicious KFC chicken. That day people have money and want to spend it, so what could we do to make people spend it on us if we don't sell products that people want on Black Friday?


In Black Friday people want to spend their money, which is great if you’re selling technology… but not so much if you’re a fast food chain. So this year, KFC decided to infiltrate Black Friday’s most popular Black Fridays Products such as: Smart TVs, Smartphones and Game Consoles. Basically we put our delicious KFC chicken inside boxes simulating the products that people want on Black Friday so we created: The Smart Chicken, The iPopCorn Chicken XS and The Chickenstation 5


On Black Friday young people prefer to spend their money buying technology, it does not occur to them to buy fried chicken, which makes our sales fall during that day and that affects not only us but all the fast food chains. How is it that our category has not done anything about it? and that's where we saw our great opportunity. Stealing the attention of brands that sell technology products and our competition. So we decided to enter the conversation, infiltrating what people are looking to buy, how? Well, basically we put our delicious chicken in boxes of "technological" products, turning the boxes in our media


We created a limited edition of 5000 boxes to be sold in the main KFC restaurants on Black Friday day. To promote our products, we sent the most relevant tech influencers product samples during the days leading up to the launch, so that they could create their own unboxing and review videos. And of course, we knew our recipe would have a great score.


- For the first time ever we took part in Black Friday fever, selling all our products, I mean, chicken, in just 3 hours.

- We increase our sales by 174% compared to last year

- People reached: 1.5 millions in a country of 4 millions

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