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The creative solution focused on the novelty: Black Friday live streaming through the recently launched Facebook Live product, adding real offers and the security that only Buscapé guarantees for the consumer. We have recruited a highly relevant team for audience, with digital personalities (Influencers) and a multimedia personality (humorist Oscar Filho), which provided safety for consumers to take advantage of the best offers on the market. The influencers have scripted and recorded videos in the same style that made them famous on the internet, inserting Buscapé’s Pre-Black Friday promotion in the context of their story, in a very natural way. The humorist used a funny and particular way to talk seriously about Buscapé's reliable features. On socials we defined a voice tone to provoke relevant interaction with users and brands.


2) We planned 8 TV films (on to off media concept), FB videoAds to introduce the famous Brazilian humorist Oscar Filho as the host of BF Live, exploring all the features that guarantee a real offer to all consumers, without any loss with fraud. With that, we raised expectation and sense of opportunity the week before BF. 3) To revolutionize the market we created the action with an unprecedented model of live transmission via FBLive (a novelty on that moment), direct from the HQ of Buscapé, proving to all consumers that Buscapé is a real company made by real people. There were 24h of broadcasting, with offers Live by the curatorial team and real-time interactions on FB, Instagram and Twitter. On TV we announced that BF was happening live in Buscapé’s fan page. 4)During the last hour of the Live, the Presenter announced the BFExtended, which lasted all weekend.


The planned innovation was very effective because in addition to the sales record that made the 2016 edition the best Black Friday in Buscapé's history, we reached other key metrics for proving the success of the campaign:

548K pre black friday promo registrations.

+432K consumers live on Facebook.

+359MM impressions.

+9.8MM brand interactions.

92% positive mentions.

150MM clicks to website.

24% more profit than 2015.

126% of the target in net profit.

500% more visits than a normal day (15,2% better than previously year).

ROI: 310%

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