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JUNG von MATT, Hamburg / RED CROSS / 2014

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Every day, about 17,000 children and adults in Germany are in need of blood transfusions. To fulfill this enormous need, the German Red Cross needed a campaign to get more blood donors. But we decided to go further than that. Because sick children not only need blood, but also a lot of fighting power and the will to win. For "Give Blood. Give Power". Famous soccer players from Germany donated their blood for sick children. They fuction as role models for amateur soccer players and other fans in a big PR-campaign.


By having the famous soccer players as donors and communicating this in the most striking way, the effect was double:

- By giving the right example, more people (especially amateur soccer players) overcame their fear of needles and donated as well.

- Sick children get more hope, knowing that the blood of a famous soccer player is now running through their veins.


"Give blood. Give Power." was picked up by national media (TV and press) and, with the support of all participating soccer stars, was published on almost 500 online news sites, blogs, online video platforms and on social media like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Good for a total of 18 million views. Free media earnings as a result of the campaign were over 1,5 Million Euro. In just the first three weeks of the campaign over 9,000 amateur soccer players registered as new donors. And the sick children got more hope, the effect of this only time will tell...

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