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BBDO INTERONE, Munchen / BMW / 2002

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Experience a piece of mobile history close up. Embark on a journey into the fascinating events which shaped one of the world's leading car makers. Discover the past thanks to original documents and images, browse the highlights or go into greater detail. As informative as it is fascinating, the multimedia online special for BMW's history is divided into seven topics - automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft engines, innovations, people, motorsport and milestones - and tells the story of Bayerische Motoren Werke. To do so, over 1,000 images were collected and enhanced with the greatest care. Historic documents, sound recordings and films were digitised, and pared-down, functional navigation was developed so users can just surf the special or find their particular subject quickly despite the amazing amount of information it contains. The combination of unmatched information value, the practical navigation and exacting standards for text and images not only makes this special a historic record of BMW: it also makes it a record that has no equal on the internet, and one that will no doubt see countless additions throughout the coming decades.

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