ACCENTURE SONG, Hamburg / BMW / 2023

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The challenge: As a globally operating brand, BMW needs to deliver individual content at scale to an ever-growing number of touchpoints, channels, and platforms at an ever-increasing speed. Flexible enough to cater to individual market needs but at the same time maintaining a consistent brand look & feel and quality. A complex challenge that cannot be solved economically with traditional content production approaches.


Our idea: Creating a unique digital BMW Open Brand World. A flexible procedural production environment in which vehicle data and the Unreal Gaming Engine come together. Our very own BMW sandbox with numerous shooting locations for moving & static content in a completely adaptable environment. Replacing the need for any live action shoots for all product substance content.


Based on a full vehicle data prep combined with the Unreal gaming engine we created a procedural environment with 2.5 km of coastal road and numerous architectural shooting locations complete in full CGI.

With full adaptability of light, weather, seasons, vegetation, topology, and extreme details as every object is built in 3D.

Shooting real-time with virtual production cameras, this open brand world allows for an unprecedented flexibility and freedom in digital content production at scale.

The international rollout started in Europe & the US and since April 2022 BMW is using this digital real-time production environment for its entire product content of all new car model launches.

Creating all product substance films as well as high-res print stills, scroll animations and interactive applications e.g., car configurators.

All content produced is used globally used across the different BMW web platforms, model page configurators, social media (Facebook, Instagram), replacing all live action shoots for product feature content.

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