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iCONTRACT, Mumbai / BOOKSTORE / 2007

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Youngsters use swear words casually, without realizing their effect on people around them. How do you convince them to stop using foul language, without preaching? We decided to spread our message by using something young people mouth everyday – Chewing Gums. We manufactured special gum strips with cuss words punched into them. During the Summer Fest we distributed strips of these gum outside schools, colleges, discotheques, and other places. Youngsters who would otherwise swallow no advice, became active participants in this fun campaign to cut out swear words.


The youth found the communication both amusing and interesting, though at first were taken aback by the profanity embossed in it. But once when they got the idea, they understood the seriousness of the issue. On the other hand the client was very thrilled with such an exercise as it created a lot of buzz around it. The best part was that the brand and the message were communicated to the specific TG using unconventional medium.

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