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We realized that classic 6-pin (3x2) building bricks have the same pattern as the braille alphabet. Then we simply made small modifications to the pins, and voilà: We’ve built an entire braille alphabet. All this without losing the characteristics of the toy. The building bricks are still building bricks. But now, with the peculiarity of being a letter, they make learning playful, simple, and fun. This is how Braille Bricks came about. A toy for literacy and inclusion of blind children, since it allows them to play normally with other children, learning and teaching braille.

We tested it with the children at the Dorina Nowill Foundation, and now that the tool has proven effective and potential, we want to convince a toy manufacturer to embrace the idea and produce Braille Bricks on a large scale, so that it can help children around the world.


From the film and the website, we present the project for influencers, Internet personalities, bloggers and the press, who promptly became available to help spread the word, spreading the idea around the world.

With the engagement data in hand, the next step in the project will be to demonstrate the excitement around the toy maker project, with one ultimate goal: to turn the idea into a real product that will help thousands of visually impaired children around the world.


With no media investment, the idea was completely disseminated over the social networks and press outlets. The release achieved 141 million digital impacts, appeared in a nearly 15-minute story on the nationally televised show "Hoje em Dia", on the Record Network, one of Brazil's major TV networks, and was mentioned by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans on its Twitter account. There were over 200 e-mails from around the world looking for the toy, and we were also invited to be part of "The Art of Brick", an exhibition by international artist Nathan Sawaya, known for making Lego sculptures. The impact of the reverberation on the digital platform was equal to an investment of US$ 160,000. We did a sentiment analysis with the posts and we identified the words that people used most to talk about the project: "help", "literacy learning", "help", "blind".

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