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GLOBO TV, Sao Paulo / GLOBO TV / 2019

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It's all about movement. We (Globo) have been around for more than 50 years. Everybody knew us, but were we expressing our soul in a contemporary way? Since the world is in constant evolution, we wanted to make sure people would notice we were too.

So, we started the facelift. We highlight what described us best: movement, diversity and connection.

First, the platinum logo became white. Then, the white, the gradient and the circle, all in movement, became the graphic representation of our soul. Everything we did seamed this concept, from typography to the on-air campaign.

But we needed a place where all that comes together; a guide and a brand experience at the same time. That’s why Globo’s Brand Book became a website, a dynamic and restless platform for everybody that expresses our main concept: the movement.


Our audience is used to seeing the brand's graphic representations on television. But our old brand guides were just a printed book, they were far from our main concept, the movement.

So we decided to create a 100% dynamic platform where the user could experience, feel and interact with all the concepts that are part of Globo's rebrand. The website allowed us to go beyond not only the old books but, even the television itself.

Each subject gained an experience. We explore the white color that represents an eternal "fresh start" and the mixture of all the colors; the gradient as the infinite diversity and tolerance; and the circle that never ends. These elements combined in every interaction of the site enhance the core of our brand, the movement

The website's design represents our will to continue evolving and to keep our brand fresh, in sync with the world’s changes.


Our strategy was to create a 100% dynamic platform where the user could experience, feel and interact with all the concepts that are part of Globo's rebrand. The site allowed us to go beyond not only the old brand books but even the television itself.

To humanize the brand and express its main values: movement, white colors, gradients and circle, we create a film with professional dancers, rich in light, movement and interaction. The film became the centerpiece of the site and the first experience, the teaser sent to all employees in their emails and cells.

The most valued part in the strategy was the decision to open the entire brand book to everyone. What was used to be restricted to employees and partners is now complete open. This decision allowed us to explore website's items, like the film, in different platform such as TV spots.


Divided into 13 different areas, the website has more than one thousand interactions, with a fluid navigation where the user can go directly to the point using the side menu or just going with the flow from one experience to another.

A different interaction was created for each area. For each explanation or guide technically directed about the brand, we also created a very interactive experience that serves as support for a more playful learning and with greater engagement. On one side a direct navigation straight to the point and very technical and the other a set of more sensory experiences. For example, to humanize the brand and express its main values we created a film with professional dancers that is rich in light, motion and interaction. The film became the “center piece” of the site and the first experience in the timeline navigation.


As a result, we have had the most engaging internal campaign in recent years and a massive earned media promotion on specialized sites. But more importantly, the reaction of the viewers, who expected the brand to change but could not express why and how, was very positive, they soon recognized themselves in a more open, closer and contemporary brand.

The signaling influenced the major transformation of corporate environments, such as meeting rooms, entrances and receptions. And our visitors not only found their way into our buildings, but also were impacted and recognized the connection with everything they have become accustomed to seeing on television.

The website was a hit in the major specialized vehicles and the film that was initially created for the site became the main piece of the institutional campaign of the year.

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