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JWT, Riyadh / JWT / 2010

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Advertising agencies and media companies participated in the Media Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. JWT Saudi Arabia wanted to set up a unique stand that would create a hype, attract visitors who consisted of marketing managers and media executives, and reflect its knowledge of the Saudi culture. This led to the creation of the JWT perfume shop with various essences and oils since Saudi people love customised mixes of perfume. Every essence was given the name of a brand value. Just as perfumers mix different essences to give the customer his unique perfume, JWT understands the right mix of brand values to best communicate a brand. The result was thousands of visitors and the scheduling of many appointments with potential clients.


The conclusion was to turn the stand into a JWT perfume shop where each essence was given the name of a brand value such as tradition, joy, and transparency. Visitors – consisting of marketing managers and media executives – were able to order the mix of essences that best reflected their brand.


The JWT Perfume Shop was a huge success. With more than 6,000 visitors, a total of 1,600 customised perfume bottles handed out and many potential clients interested, JWT was portrayed as an ad agency that is not just able to understand the Saudi culture but to engage it.

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