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Considering variety of aspects that a car means to consumers, we found one meaningful insight. A car is a life partner of consumers by supporting and accompanying close to their life. Spending ten to twenty years with only one car may mean a lot invaluable for the owner. They might have overcame numerous difficulties, finished a marriage successfully, or done long trip together.

But if a car that’s too old to be driven, is there no other way but scrapping? Is there any way to accumulate valuable time that kept in consumers mind even if they leave the old car? To keep memories forever and to gain empathy, we listen to real story of consumers. And it was transformed to artistic output.


Initially, we made an agreement with a radio station and put advertising of the campaign to get consumer’s stories. Among them, we selected the story of a Sonata owner; a final keepsake of a mother who passed away by cancer. We caught the moment of sending his Sonata to the artist, the meeting of consumer and artist for a well-expressed art piece, and the process of the car becoming a ‘Time capsule’, the art piece. At last, we captured the touching point of consumer facing the art piece of museum. For more people to feel sympathy, this series of process was made to short film, displayed on theater screen and YouTube. Likewise, selected twelve stories and twelve art pieces were exhibited in SEMA, from 22nd March to 21st April.


Even though, we should let go an old car someday, but not old memories. For a month, about 50,000 people visited our exhibition and with audience’s response, the second exhibition has opened(from 4th, May to 7th, Aug) . The digital videos capturing stories recorded total viewership of 1,765,471. Our campaign was also released on broadcast news of KBS, we gained the effects of public relations. Through our project which is going on still today, another evolution of the automobile. Beyond transportation, ‘car’ is becoming as a part of your life.

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