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YongSeok Choi (Lumpens) has been directing BTS’s music videos since 2014, building

creative trust and sharing the same artistic vision with BTS. So it was no

surprise when BTS’s team sent the track to Lumpens four months prior to our shoot to

provide enough time to cultivate the creative development. What was important to

Lumpens and BTS was to introduce a cinematic direction and narrative that can

emotionally connect with viewers while embodying the beauty of K-pop, featuring BTS’s

powerful choreography. Lumpens deeply explored its symbolic imageries and

significance to serve as visual tools to convey resilience, strength and hope.


“ON” takes us on a cinematic journey where BTS unfolds their narrative on resilience. It

focuses on a series of symbolic moments and religious metaphors to signify breaking

free from the ways of the past. In the storyline we see Jung Kook handcuffed in thorns

later freeing himself in sacred water, RM performing in front of Noah’s Ark and leading

the way past walls, and an explosive ceremonial dance break, marking a new beginning

filled with hopes and dreams as BTS ascend to a mountain peak.

BTS welcomes adversities as an opportunity for self-growth, modeling resilience and

strength. “ON” is not just another music video but a powerful visual anthem to remind

viewers that we can dream and break down any walls and barriers through

perseverance and unity.


A strategy that helped us tremendously from pre-production to post was a 3D rendered

animatic video that Lumpens brilliantly created. One of the challenges we were aware of

going into the shoot was finding a solution to efficiently communicate and work with

Korean crews and local American crews. After locking in locations and receiving

production design illustrations, Lumpens created a 3D rendered animatic video of the

entire music video, shot by shot, including camera angles, so everyone was clear on his

creative vision. He essentially had the video completed and edited in his head by the

time we went into the shoot. The animatic video was extremely useful to troubleshoot

any creative challenges ahead of time and minimized any confusion with language



“ON” was shot in 4 days across different parts of Los Angeles and averaged about 200

casts and crews each day. It was a big production with many moving parts, but we

understood the importance of pre-production to successfully execute the video of this

scale. They provided the prep time that was needed for location scout, production

design, and VFX. We started to scout locations 2 months in advance and Lumpens was

very intentional with the scale and the hyperreal qualities of each location to transform

into a futuristic post-apocalyptic world. Our production designer enriched

a heightened sense of reality with her intricately designed shipwreck and the fantastical

ceremonial temple that took three days to build. All in all, it was a three-month

collaborative project, involving many creatives to create something special and impactful.


BTS’s team strategically planned two music video releases for the lead single “ON.”

First version titled “‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima” went live upon album

release, garnering 46.5 million views in 24 hours. Leading up to the second release,

BTS made history by performing “ON” at the New York Grand Central Terminal for

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. The official “ON” music video broke YouTube record for

most views of a video premiere with 1.54 million concurrent viewers. ‘MAP OF THE

SOUL : 7’ landed their fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart.

BTS continuously proves their deep connections with fans globally with songs and

music videos that spread positivity. They are a movement that is changing the

entertainment industry internationally, defying all odds. BTS continues to stand by their

truth, modeling self-love and acceptance, influencing the younger generation and

ultimately shaping the future of our society.

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