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Bud Light leveraged their massive partnership with the NFL to give fans an unprecedented level of access to their favorite teams – all by playing fantasy football, America’s new national pastime. Powered by the blockchain, Bud Light NFL Ultimate Fandom allowed fans to own a piece of the action for the first time and pick their way to some unbelievable prizes.

While not everyone could win Bud Light beer for a year or Super Bowl tickets, every single participant in Bud Light NFL Ultimate Fandom was guaranteed a wide array of exclusive benefits, including private stadium tours for their favorite team, video chats with NFL legends, and the chance to win 20,000 other exciting prizes totaling over $2 Million in value.


Bud Light's NFL Ultimate Fandom provided fans with an innovative and engaging way to connect with their favorite teams through a blockchain-powered fantasy game. The game allowed fans to pick winners each week and build their streak, with the chance to win incredible prizes like Super Bowl tickets and Bud Light beer for a year.

By leveraging Bud Light’s massive partnership with the NFL, we worked with Web3 titan Dapper Labs to launch a proprietary brand-owned game platform where Bud Light and NFL fans unlocked incredible digital and IRL experiences just by playing the game.

Fans could win 20,000 prizes valued at over $2 Million, plus were granted guaranteed utility by Bud Light that included private stadium tours and video chats with NFL legends. The program generated tremendous buzz and increased positive sentiment within the brand's growing Discord community, ultimately creating brand advocates who will support future programs.


Ultimate Fandom leveraged Bud Light’s massive partnership with the NFL to give fans unprecedented access to their favorite teams. The innovative blockchain-connected fantasy game brought NFL fans from the sofa to the stadium with exclusive IRL and digital experiences, plus the chance to win 20,000 prizes valued at over $2 Million.

By partnering with Web3 leaders such as Dapper Labs to help build the first-of-its-kind fantasy game, Bud Light authentically entered the space in an impactful way. Bud Light created 32 Digital NFL Team Cans, which were a fan’s entry point to the game and all access pass to guaranteed utility like private stadium tours.

The goal was to build a strong community of loyal, engaged fans, but the result was more than we could ever dream of. Bud Light created overwhelmingly positive sentiment within their growing Discord community, resulting in demand for follow-up programs.


Bud Light NFL Ultimate Fandom exceeded expectations, generating impressive results and achieving all objectives. Ultimate Fandom achieved 10 million digital impressions, 100,000 site visits, and 25,000 email sign-ups. The program also resulted in overwhelmingly positive community sentiment, with the Bud Light Discord growing to 18,000 members.

The program’s impact was evident through the once-in-a-lifetime experiences offered to fans, including the opportunity to win Super Bowl tickets, private stadium tours, and the chance to play catch with NFL legends. These experiences helped foster a deeper connection between Bud Light and NFL fans, further amplifying the brand message.

The program’s success is reflected in the achievement of its objectives, which were to offer fans unprecedented access to their favorite NFL teams, create an engaging fantasy game powered by blockchain technology, and provide unbelievable experiences to participants.

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