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This is a new type of App that can get the key words by only photos, which was not possible on any other search engine.

What would you do when your kids asked you the bug name in your garden? Are you going to tell them that you don’t know?

Bug Identifier App is free App for iPhone / Android application.

It is now only available for Japanese as a MUSHIHANNTEIKI.

This Bug identifier App will make no more “I don’t know” for bugs' names.

You will be proud to tell the bug name to your kids.

You can get the name and detail of bugs by only taking a photo of them.

Simple utilization

1. Take photo by camera icon.

2. Sent the photo to the analysis server.

3. Result will be arrive in any minute.

250,000 of a photograph have been posted. Also 160,000 have been downloaded.

And 4000 of bug species can be identifier with this App.

Chosen in 1st price of AppStore Best of 2012.

This will be the MOBILE DAYS of insect collecting. And we are sure that you will feel a whole lot closer to BUGS.

So grave your phones and let’s get started for an outside trip today.

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