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The competition in the Belgian SUV sector is fierce. Mitsubishi is unknown and therefore unloved In Belgium. The new positioning of Mitsubishi 'unbreakable' provided a distinctive story for the brand. But how could we make the story relevant to potential SUV buyers in order to raise brand awareness and boost sales? We needed to do this in a hyper competitive market with competitors that have massive budgets.


In car campaigns, you see cars in beautiful landscapes on perfect roads. But that’s not the reality. You don’t get to drive those roads. You mostly drive the Belgian roads, filled with potholes and cracks often in rainy weather. So you need a strong car to conquer them.

That brought us to the idea of ‘built for Belgian roads’. We used the poor quality of our roads to promote Mitsubishi’s solid SUV’s. So, in our campaign we always showed our cars in a realistic environment: on the bad Belgian roads.


The strategy of the campaign was built around the insight that our Belgian roads are even worse than in Rwanda. According to figures from the Federal government and a survey of the Flemish Motorist Association (VAB) Belgium has around 62,700 km of roads in bad condition. A recognizable insight for many Belgians.

That’s why we used the poor quality of our roads to promote Mitsubishi’s solid SUV’s. The campaign idea, ‘built for Belgian roads’, was a relevant claim.

We focused on the most relevant media: when you’re behind the wheel experiencing the bad Belgian roads.


We made locationspecific OOH. On social media we geo-targeted the bad roads and adapted the tagline to the name of the street in question. We launched a social video to promote our ‘Motor Show conditions based on the road conditions’.

We hijacked ‘Waze’ to mark dangerous potholes and cracks around the Brussels Motor show to warn others. We added the note ‘Do you drive a Mitsubishi? Then you can ignore this notification’.

We broadcasted a national radiocampaign, making use of the typical noises you hear while driving on bad roads.

Afterwards, we promoted our immediately available stockcars. We let our stockdeals continue as long as one exemplary, random hole remained open.The hole could be viewed 24/7 via a livestream. Because the holes in the road may not be fixed overnight, a Mitsubishi to tame those holes can be yours overnight. We even made a book dedicated to the Belgian roads.


During our first peak (The Brussels motor show), we had 19% more requested quotes in comparison to the same period last year. At the end of our campaign (May), we had 30% more requested quotes compared to last year.

It resulted in a 17% growth of Mitsubishi’s market share during the Brussels Motor Show, while the market declined by 6%.

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