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Cadbury Silk - Unforgettable Love Tips

OGILVY, Mumbai / CADBURY / 2023

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Valentine's Day is business time for indulgent gifting!

Everything remotely indulgent turns heart-shaped – be it a chocolate or a spa experience.

V-Day is an open house to every business that has the right to win with romance.

Young Teens want to impress in a different way!

Searches for unique gifts are at a peak one month before Valentine’s and so is the pressure of making the most romantic day grand.

Cadbury Silk, known for being an expression of everyday romance, tends to be perceived as nothing special in the gifting marketplace.

Challenge: How could Cadbury Silk relevantly reinvent itself for Valentine's Day?


1. Enhance mental availability meaningfully for Silk

2. Impact its equity defining imagery and consideration

3. Enhance trials and improve sales volume for its key gifting SKU – Heart Blush

4. Overall impact the growth of Silk as well as bump up penetration for premium chocolates.


The day when love blossoms is also the day when love turns toxic!

Hopefuls tend to experience a heart-breaking ‘NO’ and unfortunately don’t get the help needed to deal with it, making them express in an unhealthy manner.

Silk, known for heart-melting romantic gestures (How far will you go for love?) decided to tell young hopefuls: Go far for love but not too far!

Teens blinded in love looking for unique ideas to impress were ignorant and unprepared for a ‘NO’.

Cadbury Silk curated #UnforgettableLoveTips - unique V-Day ideas under top themes with India's favourite creators along with mindful tips that guided teens to deal with a possible rejection.

Popular creators offered unique tips in every Silk pack, with a powerful twist that reminded and prepared them for all kinds of outcomes – rejection, jealousy, anger etc. in the quest of making the day of love wholesome and healthier.


Teens experience many firsts in love.

From their first crush to their first proposal to that first Valentine's.

Also, the many realties that come with it...

With love comes heartbreak that nobody prepares them for.

But how could Cadbury Silk help? It’s merely a chocolate.

Our immersions with young lovebirds unveiled realities that were bigger than considering which chocolate to buy.

-Pressure to impress and express love uniquely.

-Anxieties of a negative outcome and understanding of each other's love language.

If Silk could help them navigate this, it would help it become a more meaningful gift.

Strategy: Make Valentine's a healthy expression of individual desires through Silk.

Insight: Love makes one go out of their way to do beautiful things but somewhere they turn ugly.

Shift: Silk– a part of a larger gifting assortment -> Silk becoming a source of healthy love.

Idea: Unforgettable Love Tips for a Healthy Valentine's.


Launched an interactive experience 3 weeks prior to V-day, using our biggest asset - Silk V-Day packs, that enabled expressing feelings in a unique and healthy manner.

Unique Digital Experience hidden inside every Silk pack-

The QR code delivered unique ideas curated by India’s favourite teen influencers via a dedicated microsite.

User Journey with a Unique Twist-

Every V-day experience idea was accompanied by a healthy love tip to sensitize feelings arising from a ‘NO’!

All media touchpoints featured influencers offering unique love tips.

• Silk’s social channels, OOH and print assets amplified the promise of unique ideas.

• Short videos explained the way to discover ideas to people.

• Interest based hyper targeted videos enabled deeper personalization on social platforms.

Making the Silk V-Day packs featuring the Heart Blush a source of unique and healthy love tips in the most unforgettable way.


Silk #UnforgettableLoveTips meaningfully engaged with young hearts with specially curated ideas, creating a terrific chain of effects.

50% higher engagement over last year.

1524m impressions.

7.7m campaign clicks.

4.7m website visitors.

6x more conversations for Cadbury Silk over 2022.

30% jump in spontaneous awareness over 2022.

35% jump in consideration over KitKat on Valentine's

Sold 6.5m packs of special-edition Silk Heart Blush.

23% growth across Silk Portfolio over 2022.

87k more retail outlets and sold 15% more per outlet - a difficult feat when small stores get added.

Improved ROI ratio of 3.7:1 over 0.7:1 in 2022. An indicator that the creative idea resonated with our audience.

Most importantly, for the first time a conversation was sparked about a huge issue for young adults in India. In the most organic and welcoming way possible, Silk spread the message that only healthy love is true love.

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