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Camry Sensations: A Non-Digital Virtual Experience

TOYOTA USA, Plano / TOYOTA / 2018

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The idea was to get the Camry into the living room in order to get people into the showroom.


This carefully engineered pop-up makes readers feel as if they were sitting inside the Camry. A distinct leather smell is cleverly released upon opening. LED lights add to the ambience. By placing their thumbs on the door handle sensors, the reader's heart rate is transmitted to the car's display.

Toyota evaluated multiple publications that were capable of creating a first to market custom unit in print. InStyle was found to be a reliable partner both logistically and contextually for the custom unit (circulation of 1.7 MM). Toyota leveraged InStyle first party data to develop a targeting model for subscriber reach for the 50k units produced

Ideation began in June 2017 to bring the gatefold to life in March 2018.

50K inserts total which garnered a total of 108 +MM PR-related impressions across various trade magazines and digital sites over the course of 1-2 months after the gatefold being publicly released.


22% of consumers noted they would definitely consider the Camry for their next purchase.

More than half of consumers mentioned they loved the ad due to the interactive elements.

·         80% mentioned the ad is unique

·         78% mentioned the ad is innovative

·         52% wanted to see more ads like this in InStyle


The limited run print ad’s total reach was 50,000 InStyle subscribers. Due to its uniqueness, it was picked up by several press outlets reaching over 108+ MM impressions across reputable sites like Mashable, Adweek, Creativity, The Drum, CNET, MediaPost, etc.


74% of millennials surveyed took SOME action after reading the ad.

Almost two-thirds of all consumers surveyed were inspired to take action.

48% of consumers noted the print ad makes them feel much or somewhat more favorable toward the Toyota Camry.

•       57% of consumers noted they want to tell others about the Toyota Camry

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