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BBDO ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / DR. LEMON / 2021

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Dr. Lemon is always trying to make the experience of sharing a drink with friends more enjoyable. But with the pandemic it was all about being careful. So when gatherings were allowed, we were briefed with the task to promote caution. If people were careful during gatherings, gatherings would continue to exist. This time, getting together for a drink was something they would have to do with a high degree of responsibility. And we had to place our brand and product at the forefront of this crusade.


Dr. Lemon is a mixed drink that comes in a can. To prevent people from drinking from somebody else’s Dr. Lemon, increasing the chance of contracting the virus, we printed the alphabet on top of the can. People were able to mark their initials with the tab so they could know which Dr. Lemon belonged to them.


The brand always promoted getting together with friends to share a Dr. Lemon. But during the pandemic we had to be careful with how we delivered the message to our target. We knew that our target were young adults, but we realised they also were the main vector for the virus. Also, since some COVID-19 restrictions lifted we knew there was no way of preventing them from getting together. Our responsibility was to make it as safe as possible.


Dr. Lemon’s budget is very limited. Our plan was to print 5000 cans to send through delivery apps to and to build a campaign around the product. We used the product as a message to spread awareness during gatherings with friends.

For two weeks we swapped the normal cans with the ones with alphabet on top. Then we created digital assets for our social networks based upon the idea. We created a game on instagram story that worked as a tutorial. And a 1 minute video that explained the idea. We wanted people to be careful during gatherings even if they didn’t have our product.


The idea was well received. Comments were very positive. shared the project. Google searches for Dr. Lemon grew 4.3x. And Twitter mentions increased by 64%. People shared photos of their Dr. Lemon finders and a conversation around the responsibility during the gatherings developed. The brand was perceived as a true promotor of social gatherings.