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OMD, Mexico City / VISA / 2014

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Cardholders would be the main actors and promoters of Visa. We capitalized on Visa´s sponsorship of the National Team and FIFA on the Brazil’s World Cup classification period.

We used Twitter as our engine to socialize Visa’s benefits, as social networks would provide the confidence users need to approach the financial sector. Our goal was to reach 25,000 followers in 2013.

@Visamx was launched during the popular Mexico-Honduras game. We started by socializing trivia to get the dialogue started. Then, we created the hashtag #ConVisayMiSelección, through which participants who retweeted the most would win the opportunity to meet the players during a new TV commercial recording.

Then, we launched #TePuedoDecirUnaCosa, through which participants who listed the most benefits of using Visa would win a trip to the Confederation Cup (Brazil).

Online, we used widespread influencers (Televisa and Azteca Deportes) and the Mexican Football Federation´s Twitter to amplify our content.


#TePuedoDecirUnaCosa was trending topic for 12 consecutive hours in Mexico and 25 minutes worldwide, with 17,000 Twitter accounts contributing. Best of all, discussions about Visa’s benefits flowed naturally amongst consumers: the promotion winners generated 903 and 869 benefits (tweets) each!

Both hashtags together generated 660 million views, equivalent to reaching 6 times Mexico´s population! And we reached 12 million Twitter accounts, equivalent to 90% of them all (Mexico)! Visa went from having no Twitter followers to more than 60,000 in just 1.5 months! Today Visa has 105,000 followers, exceeding the annual goal by 320%.

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