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We based the idea on a simple but radical insight: even small kids know what they like. They are strong-willed and instinctively have their own favorites. So, our idea was to hand over the power to the kids and let them decide the design on this years’ limited-edition diapers and let their parents be brand ambassadors and part of the marketing to make it spread and create engagement.


Our strategy was to fully integrate the end users and target audience in the campaign. This was done in two ways. First, we let the kids decide their favorite designs. Then we rewarded repeat customers with gifts for their kids – kids’ costumes in their own favorite designs. The idea was to take advantage of parents’ desire to show off their kids, make them post pictures of their kids, repost in Libero channels and thereby attract new parents to buy Libero diapers and post pictures. This way we created an approach that continuously keeps on building reach and engagement further and further.



a) Let the kids decide the designs to create a campaign the kids would love

b) Make a limited diaper collection and promotion packs with the designs to create a want-factor and impact in-store.

c) Create a promotion mechanism to reward repeat customers and drive sales and engagement – Collect X Libero, get a costume in the kid’s favorite designs.

d) Making these costumes as gifts with purchase (GWP) was key to create engagement and make parents post pictures to show off their kids

e) Parents posting combined with Libero reposting, reached new parents, who bought the diapers and posted.


April 29th to July 14th, 2019.


Bought, owned, earned media. Placements in Facebook, Instagram (posts/short films), YouTube, PlayTV (OLV), In-store (POS-material, promo packs), print in parenting magazines to reach the target group in all touchpoints.


Digital campaign, with sufficient pressure to reach target group.


Business results:

• Sales: +9% (vs previous year)

• Market share: 64% (+7% vs previous year)

In a declining market, -2% in volume vs previous year, Libero increased sales +9% vs previous year. We also increased market share to 64% (+7% vs previous year when we had the best-selling campaign to date). Really impressive results in the context of being such a dominant market leader in a highly competitive and mature market where the main competitor has 5 times bigger share of media spend, making it nearly impossible to take market shares.

Marketing results:

• Most often used: 78% (+35% vs target)

• Uniqueness: 72% (+29% vs target)

• Impressions: 35,8 million (+41% vs target)

• Recognition total online net: 67% (+91% vs target)

For a campaign with such a clear sales focus, it’s remarkable that it also delivers a strong positive impact on all KPIs in IPSOS brand tracking.

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