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ARC UK, London / KRAFT / 2012

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The challenge was to identify and create me-time occasions where we could get the target audience to sample the coffee.

We developed a haven of calm for women in shopping centres and exhibitions by creating a stand where attractive male waiters seated them in velvety, black chairs and served them with a perfect cup of Carte Noire, asking "How do you like your coffee?” The women sat back and watched silent performers on a stage, headphones playing the soundtrack of the performance cutting out all background noise. Back-to-back stages gave the women a choice of their perfect me-time scenario.


Careful selection of venues delivered 1.1m opportunities to see our activity.87,000 cups of Carte Noire coffee were served at exhibitions, shopping centres and store fronts. Additionally, 120,000 samples / cups were served at Toni & Guy hairdressersThe ECRM campaign achieved an above average 27% open rate(Source: Internal metrics)In total:130,000 new households tried the brand, growing brand penetration to 7.7%.Brand consideration increased from 14% to 16%, ‘me-time coffee,’ ‘a brand you can enjoy every day’ and ‘great-tasting coffee’ measures are all up on the previous year. (Source: IPSOS)

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