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ARTPLAN, Rio De Janeiro / CARVALHO HOSKEN / 2013


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Brazil is going through a transition in its models, wherein TV has been losing space to digital entertainment. Even with TV stations having a dominant say over content generation, Brazil is experiencing an accelerated growth of its digital social networks. Facebook has seen the largest growth and has already far surpassed its largest local competitor, which was Orkut.

Brazilians spend 23 hours online every week, and often leave Facebook and Twitter open as a secondary screen. Blogs experienced intense growth in Brazil starting in 2006 and quickly became too commercial, due to a strong business exchange with the brands. As the blogs became money driven, they lost authenticity and credibility with the audience. Brazilians have been developing an ability to identify brands that have an authentic attitude, and only value brands that walk the talk.


To schedule a visit to the showroom, visitors had to use their Facebook login, granting us access to their profile information. The Social Home Tour 2.0 then included surprises such as: background music from a band the visitant had liked, recent shared videos on the apartment`s TV, Facebook album pictures in every portrait, the best route to the visitor's workplace exposed at the office’s computer, upcoming events and birthday reminder on a fridge note, a food delivery based on their fav foods etc. As we used their own content, people experienced the apartment as if it was already theirs.

The use of a social network integrated to local experience was essential for the objective, surprising a public who may have expected to meet more of the same while visiting the showroom apartment. In this case, customization meant emotional bond, and this made all the difference.


Increase of 300% in sales and increase of 230% in average visit time.

Visitors of The Social Home Tour demonstrated real interest in each room they were entering. After all, there could always be one more surprise, an extra detail, that they wouldn’t want to miss. This way, the showroom apartment was visited without hurry, expanding time for explanation and promotion of the venture's attributes.

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