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The corporate identity of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv was based on the motto “Celebrate Diversity”. This contest invites participants from all European countries and beyond to gather in a celebration of cultural similarities and differences through enjoying great music. Searching for a symbol that represents both Ukrainian culture and the mission of the contest lead us to idea of reinventing traditional Ukrainian necklace. It became a basis of the visual identity. Following the idea of “Uniting Europe, bead by bead”, the individual beads of the necklace symbolise both the participating artists and the countries, with each bead being as individual as the entire necklace itself. Bead for bead, they feature a unique appearance based on stripes, stars, crosses or dots in different sizes, and yet they are unmistakable as belonging together and forming a unity. It offered a wide range of applications in analogue and digital media.


Having used a traditional Ukrainian symbol, we have also given it a modern look with bright live patterns. Every element of the necklace has its unique design and shape, which symbolises a simple truth: we are all different, but every year we meet together for one beautiful cause.

We selected red and black as primary brand colors. Having chosen two traditional Ukrainian colors, we have adapted them for the reality of TV show format. That’s how we came up with Cold Black and Vibrant Red. Compared with regular black, its cool shade will look more favorable on the screen. Instead of red we chose glowing with life Vibrant Red. In combination, these colors create a striking visual contrast that suits the nature of Eurovision so well.


The Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s longest running annual TV music competition, was seen by over 180 million viewers in 2017. The live show from Kyiv, Ukraine reached around 182 million people across 42 markets.

The number of people watching the Eurovision Song Contest online more than doubled from 2016. There were 265 million hours of video views in 233 markets on the official YouTube channel.

All these, of course, was not resulted by visual identity itself. But we love the idea that such a huge audience interacted with the brand and became unique beads of this great story.

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