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Change the World by Changing What's On Your Pizza


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“Most of us might believe it’s our energy or transport choices that cause the most serious environmental damage. In fact, it’s our food system that creates the biggest impact” WWF. 75% of what we eat comes from only 12 plants and 5 animals, and this lack of variety in our diets contributes to climate change, species loss, water scarcity, and soil loss.

Knorr’s ambition is to change that - inspiring people to put food that’s better for them and the planet on 7 billion plates by 2025.

The ambition for World Eat for Good Day was twofold. Get as many people as possible around the world aware of planet-friendly food alternatives and to make Knorr famous as a brand that helps people ‘Eat for Good’.


Through qualitative research across 5 key markets, desk research and connecting with food sustainability experts, we identified 3 key barriers to eating ‘greener’ food - accessibility, desirability and cookability. We needed to tackle at least one of these, that made good food easy to shop, genuinely satisfying to eat, and simple to make.

But overcoming these barriers wasn’t going to be easy. People are set in their ways when it comes to food, often eating the same meals on repeat. And then it hit - why don’t we use people’s habitual eating habits to our advantage?

On World Eat for Good Day, Knorr launched Plizza - the planet friendly pizza. In partnership with Knorr chefs, we reimagined the world’s most popular dish, creating a pizza with simple, planet friendly swaps to the base, sauce and toppings (featuring Knorr’s sustainably grown products and Future 50 ingredients).


Knorr believes you can change the world by changing what’s on your plate.

Introducing Plizza by Knorr - the planet friendly pizza. ?Targeting 25-54-year-olds, Plizza was designed to be better for people and the world. An integrated phased campaign was launched globally on World Eat for Good Day (February 19th) across Social, Digital, PR & activation.

A few days before WEFGD, Knorr tapped into people’s universal passion for pizza to get them excited via paid social and local influencers.

During the day, awareness around Plizza was generated via different channels.

•Influencers were sent Plizzas or Plizza DIY boxes.

•Media and influencers were invited to local kitchens to taste the Plizza.

•Consumers were invited to order the Plizza or make their own Plizza at home by unveiling the recipe on the Knorr website.

Knorr continues to inspire consumers to make Plizza at home via partnerships with influencers and social media.


To give everyone the opportunity to try Plizza, we set up ghost kitchens in six cities (US, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand & China) so people could order a hot Plizza via local food delivery apps including UberEats. We also mailed make your own Plizza kits to influencers and stakeholders, who encouraged the rest of the world to cookalong and try Plizza for themselves via TikTok Duet and recipe videos.

With over 5 billion pizzas sold a year, the Plizza inspired people to rethink what to put on their plate. This was our ticket to get Knorr closer to its ambition to get planet friendly food onto 7 billion plates.


Our priority was to get Knorr’s Plizza on as many peoples' radar as possible. Our weekend long effort achieved just that, reaching 39 countries and resulting in:

•22.3 billion potential reach from 556 articles

•99 million people encountered Plizza on social (reach), 21 million actively engaged

•6 million social reactions, 94% positive sentiment

And of course, we wanted people to consider planet-friendly ingredient swaps and try Plizza for themselves:

•56 million people watched Knorr’s Plizza recipe video

•4.5% more traffic than average to (for more on Plizza and other planet-friendly recipes)

•2,513 Plizzas ordered via delivery partners including UberEats

We tickled the taste buds of millions, inspiring the world to try a planet friendly version of the planet’s favourite dish.

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