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The context is the pandemic caused by the coronavirus around the world. Societies needed somewhat a permanent solution, as given by vaccines, for slowing down the advance of the virus and contagions. Here is where our product provides a solution as efficient as masks, hygiene or interpersonal distance. Chewing Mask is a prophylactic measure that works where respiratory viruses replicate, the salivary glands.

Technologically, it required three phases: once the efficacy of the compound had been proven in laboratories, an industrial laboratory was in charge of making the prototypes, guaranteeing the necessary concentrations and release. A small-scale line carried out tests to ensure the processability of the formula and its insertion into the gum base. The third technological requirement materialized in the industrial plant.

The legal limitations were those required by the regulations of most countries.

Budgets: scientific management, laboratories and project direction finally amounted to more than 500.000€.


The current context has changed our dynamics, what we used to do without hesitation, now seems unsafe, a new normality that brings new insights. For the creation of the chewing gum, we considered the need for protection against coronavirus, a reality that everyone is facing. Our purpose with the product is to offer extra protection through acids that are diluted in saliva and deactivate all lipid-coated viruses, such as Coronavirus, or, for example, the common flu virus. The innovation is the creation of the compound that inactivates the virus; the chewing gum format is only the vehicle that allows us to administer, right where the viruses replicate, the ingredients that are later diluted in saliva to offer protection.

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