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Chop-Chop Campaign

AMBER CHINA, Shanghai / ASD / 2017


4 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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The campaign expressed just how fast and easy Ammeloo knives are at dissecting an animal. In fact, it’s as fast and easy as blowing up an animal to pieces.

Visually crafted to show scenes of mass destruction, a look closer revealed how a whole animal carcass had been blown apart into an array of meat cuts.


The ads were meticulously crafted to bring out how powerfully sharp Ammeloo knives were.

We chose to illustrate two of the most consumed meats that everyone could instantly recognise. One ad showed a pig being blown up into pork cuts. Another ad depicted a cow dissected into beef cuts.

While explosions within the ads played a prominent role, the finely crafted lines brought about the elegance and finesse of the knife’s ability to cut an animal to pieces.

At an overall glance, we wanted to evoke the sense of swiftness and quality that Ammeloo knives would give with each slice- which was exactly what our consumers were looking for.


The mad depiction of animals being blown up into pieces made consumers look twice. As unsettling as they were to the naked eye, consumers immediately grasped the sense of swift cutting if they had an Ammeloo knife in their hands. It was the radical interpretation that brought about an unsuspecting surprise to consumers.

The campaign managed to carve the path for Ammeloo knives, giving it the attention it needed to shine in the market. Most importantly, when consumers decided to buy a set of knives, Ammeloo was definitely top of mind.

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Chop-Chop Campaign


Chop-Chop Campaign

2017, ASD

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