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Christian Eriksen Day

BRANDHOUSE, Copenhagen / INTERFLORA / 2018

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In 20188 we did an outrages thing: We changed the name of Valentine’s Day to the name of Denmark’s favorite soccer player: Christian Eriksen – creating “Christian Eriksen Day”.

Christian Eriksen is by far the best soccer player in Denmark. He plays in Tottenham and scored 3 goals in the World Cup qualifying match against Ireland. Every young soccer loving Danish man knows and loves him. He is probably the most powerful influencer in Denmark.

And to our luck his birthday is on February 14th – the same day as Valentine’s Day. So we simply renamed Valentine’s Day to “Christian Eriksen Day” to give the romantic day a bigger place in the young men’s minds and hearts. They could even buy a special Christian Eriksen bouquet of flowers. All of it was a joke of course, but it worked and made the target group remember.


To make sure we got the attention of our target group, we created a funny and ironic video that pretends to be scientific with a woman scientist that has discovered that Danish men forget Valentine’s Day because they are obsessed with soccer. But basically the video is just an excuse for us to show the target groups favorite soccer player, Christian Eriksen, and explain that we have changed the name of Valentine’s Day to Christian Eriksen.

We placed the video in soccer forums and advertised through social media directly to soccer loving Danish men in a relationship. They quickly picked up on the joke and started spreading, tagging and joking with their friends that now they would for the first time ever be able to remember Valentine’s Day.


Already the day before Valentine’s Day we had sold more flowers than the total sales in 2017. And the total sale for 2018 ended up at a stunning 30% more than the year before. This created a ROI of 6,7 on this activity alone (it was the only new activity compared to last year).

On top of that we achieved massive social media attention and national PR with media loving the fact that their favorite soccer player gave forgetful men (and love) a helping hand on Valentine’s Day. And Interflora won a lot of young men’s gratitude.

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