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So, after two editions, in 2016 we wanted to overcome the success: we needed to raise awareness of Gas Natural Fenosa’s sponsorship of culture and we had to connect those activities with the messages/values the company were themselves promoting in their corporate communication channels. Specifically, we had to showcase messages about the brand’s core communications theme: energy efficiency. Cinergía connected both worlds (in Spanish) “cinema and energy” and which allowed a new communications strategy to be created around it.

But how could we fit everything together in a cohesive, complementary and appealing fashion after two editions creating short films? With the first Branded Content Film in Spain.


The film had 4 parts. Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, a prestigious Spanish screenwriter wrote the screenplay and directed one of them. The other parts were directed by renowned Spanish filmmakers as Kike Maíllo, Borja Cobeaga and Alberto Ruiz Rojo. It was starred by international actors promoting the responsible use of energy. They also served as influencers, since they provided their own channels as part of the campaign ecosystem.

We agreed a partnership with the media group Atresmedia. They disseminated and promoted the project through their television channels, press and digital media reaching the goals with a cost-effective strategy.

As a part of this transmedia strategy, we also counted on Uri Sabat, a TV host and a Spanish Influencer who was the runner of Cinergía and attended at all the events interviewing the celebrities. He also published in his own social media profile increasing the awareness and interactions on our content.


Thanks to Cinergía we managed to boost the brand’s sponsorship activity, making their activities known to the general public. In a Millward Brown study, public were asked to recall Spain’s foremost cinema sponsor and Gas Natural Fenosa took the number one spot for the third year running, overtaking companies whose main business is audiovisual production/distribution.

The film and other elements of the campaign (makings of, trailers, etc.) were seen more than 23M times. Being the first part of the film, the second Branded Content video more seen in Youtube in 2016.

Thanks to the development of all these actions and the generation of news, buzz and earned media, we achieved over 639M advertising impacts, with a payback that exceeds 301% of the money invested in the action and its activation (ROI).

Lastly, conversations in social media about “energy efficiency” rose by 23,5 per cent, one of the company’s key objectives.

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