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ITV CREATIVE, London / ITV / 2013

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Where the BBC have to take a paternal role towards it audience, CITV has been on the same level as kids, seeing the world through their eyes.

We know, that being a kid isn't easy, having to conform to teachers’ rules, schoolyard rules and adult rules. It’s hard for a kid to find time and space to enjoy being a kid.

CITV creates a time and space where kids can be free to be kids. No rules, no pressure, no stress. A place to kick back, have fun, play, have a laugh, imagine and express themselves.

A place for kids, by kids.


The first thing we did was stop thinking like adults, all we knew that how to communicate needed rethinking -the language we use, the style, the voices.

Our logo is playful, something a kid would want to adapt, play with and is flexible enough to wrap itself around our broad range of age range content.

Kids take our logo and imagine it into a C-creature that we animate into an ident. Alongside kids idents, we also created a range of in-house idents that capture the world of a kid - a real world backdrop with animated playfulness.


ITV undertook a survey amongst parents about CITV to see whether or not it fits within its image 'a place where kids can be kids' and 62% of parents did agree with this (beating Nickelodeon and the Disney channel). Awareness of CITV has increased since the rebrand.

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