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Situation: As a step forward in our commitment to ESG and Sustainability, Mashreq sponsored COP27 last year becoming the only financial institution in the region to do so. After a successful COP27, we knew that our journey did not end there. We needed to take our commitment to climate action, to the next level. With COP28 taking place in the UAE, we had an exciting opportunity to leverage our position as market leaders in the region and make a big impact with COP28.

Brief: Leverage our partnership with COP28 and expertise in sustainable finance to launch a global initiative for Climate Change and environmental preservation.

Objective: Foster a sense of shared responsibility and encourage individuals and communities to participate in environmental conservation, coinciding with Mashreq's participation in COP28 UAE and beyond. Amplify Mashreq's ESG initiatives, thereby demonstrating our commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship in the MENA region and globally.


As one of the leading financial organisations in the region, we have a commitment to our people and to our planet, with a strong focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Understanding our potential to make a significant impact across issues such as Climate Change and environmental preservation, we launched various initiatives to 'Climb' to a better tomorrow with focus areas like - Climb2Protect Biodiversity, Climb2Preserve our natural resources, Climb2Inspire Hope, etc. As a result, we launched the Climb2Change initiative to consolidates all our efforts, representing various facets of our commitment to our planet. Recognising the need for a holistic approach to Sustainability, Climb2Change symbolises a unified front, solidifying our market leadership in sustainable finance while driving positive change. We kickstarted the campaign with a symbolic climb of the world's tallest tower (Burj Khalifa) followed by various Climb2Change initiatives, as we geared up for our participation in COP28 UAE.


Target Audience: The Climb2Change initiative was launched to inspire people from all walks of life and of all ages. We firstly focused on extensive stakeholder engagement, collaborating with experts in different fields to represent our Climb2Change initiatives in the best way possible.

Example - Nelly Attar for our Mountain Clean up global initiative, Alain Robert & Alexis Landot for our Burj Khalifa Climb, Kris Fade to spread the Climb2Change message in the UAE, and more.

Approach: A comprehensive needs assessment was conducted to identify specific challenges in line with COP28 agendas, allowing us to establish clear, and measurable goals, such as waste management on the world's mightiest mountains. Leveraging digital and traditional media, we broadcasted information far and wide, engaging people of all ages and backgrounds through awareness campaigns, creative video content, and PR events and activations to create more conversations around Climb2Change and Mashreq's active involvement in COP28.


Starting from 3rd November, within the 30 days leading up to COP28 and beyond, the implementation of our Climb2Change initiative involved a comprehensive strategy. It commenced with the release of a captivating Climb2Change launch film, setting the stage for an impactful series of events. The initiative's ambitious nature was amplified by the symbolic stunt of climbing the Burj Khalifa, drawing attention to the urgency of addressing Climate Change. Additionally, projecting the campaign message on the Burj Khalifa and inviting key influencers to a gala event that celebrated the projection, amplified the initiative's reach through social media. We employed a diverse mix of communication mediums, including outdoor advertising in the UAE and Egypt, PR coverage with renowned media houses, and a dedicated website, ensuring widespread visibility and engagement. This multi-channel approach engaged with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, resonating with Climb2Change, aligning with the broad focus areas of COP28.


From November 3 to December 12, an integrated 360 campaign was launched across various platforms including outdoor, website, and internal channels, as part of our strategy to raise awareness about Climate Change in line with our COP28 participation. The Climb2Change campaign's creative content has generated significant online engagement.

Climb2Change Campaign -

203M Impressions

22.6M Engagements

15.6M Video Views

1.1M Clicks

199 Media Interactions

135M Reach

At COP28 -

45 Social Engagements

22 Tier-1 Media Interactions

356.8M Reach

Impressively, the campaign garnered millions of impressions for each creative piece. The true measure of success will be seen in the behavioural changes that transpire as a result of our efforts. What's inspiring is seeing people not only supporting the Climb2Change initiative but also starting their own Climb2Change in their communities.

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