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Club 99.7

MORE AMOUR STUDIOS, Copenhagen / LE FIX / 2017


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Le Fix proudly present Club 99.7, A film by artist and director. As an homage to their own grandfather, they have created Club 99.7, an honest and heartfelt portrait of him as a stylish poet in the final months of his life.

The short film is the product of the director spending valuable time with their grandfather Willy for weeks on end, talking, dressing up, writing and laughing while constantly cherishing every moment, knowing it could be their very last together.

Unconditional love across generations shines through in every shot in the film. From delicate close-ups of Willy’s old, flaky skin to portraits of him as fashion-conscious old man, Club 99.7 proves that style has no age and that a warm personality and a curious mind overcomes everything.

The short film premiered exclusively on Nowness, and been most watched and shared online film on Nowness.

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