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The creative idea was inspired by one of the most universal social phenomenons among fandoms – “Shipping.” Short for relationSHIP, Shipping is a form of expression and obsession for their favorite character pairings (“Ships”) and the emotional and undeniable bonds they have on-screen (think: “Sciles” – Scott and Stiles from MTV’s Teen Wolf or “Harry and Hermoine” from Harry Potter).

These notable and recognizable Ship names, both within and beyond MTV’s audience, served as badges of honor for their loyal fan groups and became a pervasive way of connecting the two. This creative fixture tied all creative elements together including on-pack, on-the-ground, original social content, and on-air media during the MTV Fandom Awards broadcast.


All experiential campaign elements on-the-ground were designed to foster sharing and social conversation among fans, both in the venue and at home, and served as creative fixtures featured as part of the broadcast. For those at Fan Fest, we built a dedicated “Coke Zone” that provided a variety of ways to engage with the brand and drive #ShareACoke:

• “Share-a-Coke” at the Personalization Kiosks, where fans created their own mini-can Fandom collectibles featuring Shipping names on labels

• “Share-a-Seat” on a 60-ft red and white Ferris Wheel where fans overlooked San Diego, that featured matching LED lighting and gondolas/seating

• “Share-a-Memory” at the photo sharing booth, where fans could capture their unforgettable memories at Fan Fest and share socially

• “Share-a-Moment” with dedicated Coke Social Celebrities/YouTube Stars, capturing the real-time excitement from the event across Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter and featuring the “Coke Zone” within original content


Through an immersive Coke branded experience, and real-time #ShareACoke social activation, we maximized the groundswell of excitement among 5,000+ attendees at MTV’s Fan Fest, resulting in significant social success and engagement with consumers.

• Achieved 150 million+ total social impressions; over 100 million impressions in earned media value beyond MTV support

• Drove 38% of the overall #ShareaCoke social conversation during Fandom Weekend; alongside other Coke global initiatives (i.e. Diet Coke/Taylor Swift and Pretty Little Liars campaigns)

• During the 4-hour MTV Fan Fest:

o Fueled 10,000 organic Coke brand mentions across social media during the 4-hour Fan Fest

o #ShareaCoke became trending topic on Twitter

• Generated over 5MM social impressions during the 8-9pm timeslot on the day of the Fandom Awards show; coinciding with Coke’s Ship-of-the-Year award reveal on-air during the show

• Generated an unprecedented 28+ million votes and 2x trending topics on Tumblr

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