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Hormonal changes during pregnancy drastically affect women’s gums and teeth. But the dangers

of poor oral health care do not end with gum disease. Research suggests that ignoring the small

act of dental health care may lead to a chain of risks— from premature childbirth to serious

illnesses and disorders to your child.

The goal is for mothers to be conscious on the facts and solutions to avoid gum disease leading

to premature childbirth. But before we can get them to proactively take dental heal care seriously,

we have to show and educate them on the harsh effects of brushing off gum care.


At the end of the day, mothers are preventive by nature. Their actions are conscious

decisions of how they choose to protect and love their child more than themselves.

So we created an eye-opening print series campaign that shows the reality of

what may happen to your child if you brush-off gum care during pregnancy.

This print campaign touches on the effects of what might happen to children if mothers

brush-off gum care during pregnancy. These pieces of work aim to educate mothers in

powerfully captivating visuals that inform them to take action.


'Colgate Faces' is a digital vector art that is rendered to evoke a captivating balance

that carries an earnest message with the beauty of featuring both mother and child.

The idea is reflected when the mother's mouth overlaps with a part of the child's body.

Each piece of work highlights the extreme of what may happen when mothers ignore

gum disease during pregnancy. From such a small thing as gums, 'Colgate Faces'

features the end of a series of chain of effects that can harm your child:

from poor vision, to hearing loss, to lung diseases and even brain damage.


Launched in March 2019, the brand has taken a leap forward in presenting pieces

of communication that boldly highlight how education and a product's benefit can

make a huge difference to keep mothers and their babies smiling.

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