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CUBOCC, Sao Paulo / GOOGLE / 2013

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São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, has a grey urban sight that makes it hard to emotionally connect to it. Street art is responsible for coloring the city. But as a marginalized art form, artists struggle to find walls for their interventions.

COLOR+CITY is a project that connects artists with those who have free urban spaces to share.


We created a platform able to connect people from both sides of the edge. COLOR+CITY is a place where artists are able to enlist and make their work available to the cause. Also, a place where everyone in the city can offer a wall to be painted.

To launch the platform for the people, we invited 15 respected artists to act as agents of this movement, painting the first arts on the walls and disseminating the idea to friends and other artists.

Then, we made it bigger by activating specialized media and through it the project widely and organically spread, going beyond the world of urban art and graffiti and reaching mass media with national coverage.


- Output/Awareness: article counts/placements

Exclusive Pitches: Jornal da Band (TV), SBT (TV): Arte em São Paulo, Rolling Stone (portal), Folha de S. Paulo

TV: Estudio i (Globonews), SPTV (Globo), 1o Jornal (Band), Jornal da Record (Record), Hoje em Dia (Record), Jornal da RedeTV (RedeTV).

Full coverage: CBN "Mais São Paulo", Gilberto Dimenstein (radio), Veja SP, Folha de S. Paulo (revista São Paulo), O Estado de S. Paulo, Folha de S. Paulo (Gilberto Dimenstein), Folha de S. Paulo (F5), O Estado de S. Paulo, G1, Trip, UOL (Mais): Catraca Livre, Superinteressante, MixMagBrazil,, Proxxima, Olhar Digital, MadMag, Google Discovery, Ideia Fixa, CanalTech, Governo do Estado de São Paulo, Graffitura, Estado de Minas

- Knowledge/Consideration: coverage depth - all tier 1 TV news broadcast

- Action/Business Impact: Walls registered in 2 weeks: 900

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